Millenials’ Opinion on Obama (and ObamaCare) Souring

Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long.

A poll from earlier this week, conducted by Harvard University, shows that 57 percent of young people disapprove of Obamacare and 47 percent say they would ‘recall’ Obama if they could. 

What’s happening here? How could the very generation that catapulted President Obama to the Presidency TWICE with record turnout and intense enthusiasm (zomg! Oprah! Scarlett Johanssen! Bo the dog!) be souring on President Obama?

I’m enjoying the media furor over this story this week, as its entertaining to see baby boomer pollsters and pundits try and explain this rapid 180. (Speaking of media punditry, I  will even play a small part in it myself, will be on Fox News’ America’s News HQ at 1:00PM today discussing this issue.)

However, its simple: Young voters are worried about making ends meet. Say what you will about my generation — maybe we’re “selfish” or “spoiled” or “entitled” – and certainly the argument can be made for all these things, but we are not stupid.

Young voters are realizing that this program does not benefit them in the slightest. In fact, Barack Obama has pandered to seniors and the Medicaid generation by building these exchanges on the backs of young voters. Without the buy-in of these young, healthy Americans, the program will become unworkable and Obama’s ‘signature achievement’ will be a colossal failure.

Heads up, Boomers and old folks in the White House – Technology matters to young people. Just ask any 3 star reviewer on Yelp — if your website sucks, we don’t trust you.  And that credibility is hard to earn back.


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