Wash Post: Tortilla Coast – Congress’s power restaurant w/ extra cheese

This article from yesterday’s Washington Post was interesting not only due to its fundraising implications but also for the unassuming honesty from many people in “the know” about how DC works. I hold many events at Tortilla Coast because it is economical (compared with other DC restaurants bar none) and because it remains the most convenient location.

Also, great quotes from uber-fundraiser Lisa Spies. Read on to learn more about DC’s “power restaurant”….


Tortilla Coast: Congress’s power restaurant, with extra cheese

By Amy Argetsinger, Published: October 16

So, a Texas senator and a dozen conservative congressmen walk into a bar, and . . .

What, exactly? Some shutdown strategizing over a late-night dinner — no one’s sharing what transpired between Ted Cruz (R) and the House Republicans who met at a local watering hole on the sly very late Monday. The punch line, then, when news broke of the supposedly secret meeting was simply the name of the bar: Tortilla Coast.

A low-budget Capitol Hill institution for 25 years, the restaurant quickly found itself the butt of every joke in an otherwise humorless week in Washington.

“I just hope the solution to this problem ultimately is known as the ‘Tortilla Coast Accords,’ ” snickered Willie Geist on the MSNBC political gabfest “Morning Joe.”

“Ted Cruz and his Tortilla Coast Republicans are leading us to a default,” an unnamed GOP Senate aide told Talking Points Memo.

Social media wits LOLed over the name after Roll Call reported on the meeting, which House leadership learned about only because Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) happened to dine at the Tex-Mex hangout that night, too. There were riffs on “running for the border,” “the coast is clear,” the irony of immigration foes enjoying Latin-flavored cuisine — and the hilarity of high-level talks going down in a place with a name just stinking of suburban strip-mall kitsch.

Tortilla Coast!?! That’s where congressmen go?


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